Nynke works as a photographer and visual artist and is based in Amsterdam. Her need for stimulation, challenge and inspiration is difficult to feed sufficiently. That is why she tries to give this to herself in her work. By creating alienation an wonder through original and surprising images, she gives herself, as well as the viewer, a brief access to the garden of stimulation and challenge, the place where she herself would prefer to live. By bringing together elements of herself and her Frisian roots with subjects that interest her, she creates tranquil and narrative settings that you keep looking at.  

Education:                    Fotoacademy Amsterdam, Fotoschool Amsterdam, &C Talent Academy

Awards and Nominations:
2020                              Visa pour l'image 2020
2020                              honorable mention FryslânPhoto  - coronacall
2020                              Fresh Eyes 2020             (100 best emerging photo talents of Europe)
2020                              &C talent 2020
2019                              GUP new – New Dutch Photography Talent 2020
2019                              TooTiredBoston
2019                              1st price ‘Aanstormend Talent van het Fotohuis Amsterdam, cat.3’
2019                              nomination NRC juryprice (jan)
2018                              nomination NRC juryprice (dec)
2018                              Winner campaignimage ‘Fotoschool’
2018                              Winner coverimages schoolbooks Fotoschool year 1 and 2.

2020                              Noorderlicht Photo Festival 2020 -  Belvédère Museum, Heerenveen
2020                              SeeYouArt, De Hallen, Amsterdam
2020                              Kunst achter Dijken, Pingjum
2019                              TooTiredBoston
2019                              GUP new groupexhibition, Westergas, Amsterdam
2019                              Fotoacademie Amsterdam 
2019                              Fotofestival Naarden (FFN), Identity
2018                              soloexhibition gallery Briek, Amsterdam
My serie 'Ronnie' published in newspaper Trouw de Verdieping
Winner campaignimage Fotoschool theme 'verbeelding'
New Gup winner - published in the New Gup 2020 book

Publication photographymagazine Art of Portrait

Fresh Eyes winner - published in the Fresh Eyes 2020 book

Interview Kiekie Art 

Interview alumni Fotoschool/Fotoacademie 
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